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WordPress Online Training Hyderabad

In this digitalized world brand’s requirement to get on the digital platforms has increased. This requirement has resulted in increase in demand for word press professionals as these professionals manage the digital presence of the brand.  The requirements of the job differ from client to client. For most of the client’s perspective WordPress professionals play crucial role in maintenance of the website or blogs. WordPress is extremely cost effective, easy to implement and monitor system. Therefore the demand of WordPress expert in increasing day by day.

We offer you online course in Word press which is from a beginner’s perspective. Our course provides a step by step guide right from the scratch till your website goes live. The course not only covers the theoretical framework of WordPress related systems but also teaches you about the practical parameters required to build modern website or blog. The course teaches you to create, maintain and manage websites. Apart from this our course also teaches you to add multimedia like audio and video images to your website.

Our course on WordPress starts with teaching with basics building blocks and installation procedure and then theories related to management of the content on website is covered. This step is followed by learning Admin panel of WordPress.  The next section gives you details about the posts, pages and forums and their usage to ensure right traffic gets diverted towards your website. In order to learn addition of galleries and videos to website or blog our online WordPress course also teaches Plugin management. The use of SEO and Meta tags will also be covered in this course. Last but not the least the course will help you to create your own themes.

With the expert guidance from our trainers soon you will be able to build professional websites and come out at WordPress Guru after this course.




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