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SEO Course Training in Telugu

SEO Training in Telugu
SEO Course in Telugu

Searching for learning SEO Training in Telugu, then you are in the right place. We offer SEO full course with proven SEO strategies and techniques involved.

We are good at Training people in SEO because I myself “Suresh Bursu”, will teach you  In-depth SEO and up to date knowledge with latest updates from major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


Why we started SEO Classes in Telugu

We started SEO training in Telugu for many reasons

1) People who came from Telugu medium background.

2) For those who are not good at understanding English.

3) Having love towards our mother tongue.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is an art of science of ranking web pages organically for relevant and targetted keyword phrases.

What can you expect from our Telugu SEO training course?

1) You can start own blog in Telugu

2) Can work as an SEO freelancer

3) If you are having your own business, you can apply SEO techniques taught to get new and loyal customers.

4) Call yourself as an SEO Professional.

SEO Course Training Syllabus

Introduction to Internet and Search Engines

  • -What is the internet?
  • -What is a search engine?
  • -Types of search engines
  • -Why is Google different from other search engines?


Introduction to Marketing & Digital Marketing

  • -What is Marketing?
  • -What is Digital Marketing?
  • -Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing (pros and cons)
  • -Modules in Digital Marketing


Introduction to SEO

  • -What is SEO?
  • -Why SEO is the best module in Digital Marketing
  • –Difference between SEO and SEM
  • -Why is SEO Hard?


  • -What are keywords
  • -Types of keywords
  • -Keyword research tools for SEO
  • -How to choose relevant keywords to our niche
  • -keyword density, relevance, prominence?
  • -keyword spamming and stuffing?
  • -Keyword cannibalization?
  • -What are LSI keywords?


Basic HTML

  • -What is HTML?
  • -Tags in HTML
  • -Create a simple web page with HTML
  • -Deprecated tags
  • -Essential HTML tags to know for SEO



On page optimization
  • -Title tag optimization
  • -Adding modifiers to title tag for better CTR
  • -Header tag optimization
  • -URL Optimization
  • -Image tag optimization
  • -Internal linking techniques
  • -Meta tags optimization
  • -Site speed optimization
  • -What is a sitemap? and how to create?
  • -What is robots.txt file and how to create?
  • -Using LSI keywords

Google Analytics

  • -What do you mean by analytics
  • -Google Analytics and its alternatives
  • -How to add your site to google analytics
  • -How to track traffic of your website
  • -Google Analytics tips and tricks


Google webmaster tools or search console

  • -What is search console?
  • -How to add your site to search console?
  • -How to check the health of your website?
  • -What can we do in Search Console?


Off-page optimization
  • -What is off page optimization?
  • -What is Link building?
  • -Types of link building methods
    • Directory Submissions
    • Social Bookmarking
    • Blog Commenting
    • Feedback sites
    • Blog Aggregators
    • Guest Blogging
    • Broken link building
    • Misplaced Link building
    • Audio Sharing Sites
    • Roundup posts
    • Article submissions
    • Document sharing sites
    • Press releases
    • Business Directories
    • Forum commenting
  • What is Link Acceleration?


Local SEO

  • -NAP (Name, Address, Phone number)
  • -Local search engine listings
  • -Reviews (Google+, Yelp and etc.,)
  • -Social signals (FB, Twitter, Google+)
  • -Local link building
  • -Local business listings


Google Algorithms

  • -Panda
  • -Penguin
  • -EMD update
  • -Pigeon update
  • -Hummingbird
  • -Mobilegeddon
  • -AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)


SEO Tools

  • -Google keyword planner
  • -Ubbersuggest
  • -Google Analytics
  • -Search Console
  • -SEMRush
  • -Ahrefs
  • -Google auto-suggestion tool
  • -Screaming Frog
  • -Plagiarism checker tools
  • -Broken link checker tools
  • -SEO Essentials add-on tools


Advanced SEO Course Topics
  • -Google Sandbox?
  • -Google Trust, Relevancy, and Authority?
  • -page sculpting?
  • -page rank?
  • -Link juice?
  • -Blackhat SEO and Whitehat SEO?
  • -SEO audit and how to do it?
  • -Competitor Analysis?
  • -Google 200 ranking factors


1) Prerequisites for Learning SEO?

A) Just basic knowledge of internet concepts, and hard-working nature.


2) Can  I run a blog in the Telugu language?

A) Yes, of course, you can run a blog in Telugu because in coming years regional languages blogs will be popular and more chances of getting high quality, relevant and targeted traffic.


3) How much can I earn per month?

A) It depends upon your work you do, I can say that you can get around 10,000(10k) per month as a blogger or work as an SEO junior in a company.


4) Why should I trust you?

A) This is a common question because there are many SEO training institutes and trainers. You should trust us because we have hands-on experience in SEO. we will teach you to step by step and proven SEO strategies, techniques, and tactics.


5) Will there be a job guarantee or assurance?

A) Yes, there will be a job assurance. We cannot give a guarantee because you are the person who gets interviewed by the interviewer.


6) Will there be a refund if I am not satisfied with training?

A) If you are not satisfied with SEO course training with us, Sorry to say this there will be no refund.


We can guarantee that this SEO course in Telugu will be awesome and will try to give you our 100% in training you.

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