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Is there a yelp equivalent in India?

Talking about Yelp we all know its strong presence in countries like UK, US, Canada and many other countries. It is very interesting to know that many users rely on reviews to buy different services. The idea behind Yelp is to let online users search different businesses or services online located in their nearby areas. The users also get to review about any service or business online on Yelp.

Is there a yelp equivalent in India

This certainly helps users to select the right service/businesses online. Now, the question is – Is there a Yelp equivalent in India?

The answer would be yes there are a plenty of sites that are based on similar concept plus features as that of Yelp with a few changes.

When looking out for a Yelp alternative in India the first option that hits the mind is Revaalo which is basically a site that has much more to offer than Yelp. Yes, that’s true; Revaalo lists automobile and electronic products the Yelp doesn’t list. Revaalo is gaining popularity but the only thing is that it lists local businesses in Bangalore.

When it comes to functionality Revaalo certainly offers added features as compared to Yelp and it focuses more on genuine reviews.

We can say that Revaalo is the Yelp equivalent in India with lot more features, categories and the only thing that can make it Yelp of India is adding local businesses from all over India to its listings. If it happens it will be a step ahead of Yelp.

Some other sites that you can say are close to Yelp and work the same way as yelp does are:

You can add your local business on the site and also post reviews for different listings.

The site gives you the platform to post reviews on different products and businesses.

Again Zomato is one of the sites that is doing better as Yelp and has conquered the markets in Philippines, India etc. Zomato has its own place database where it is exceeding Yelp.

In short, we can say there may be alternatives to yelp in India but revaalo is an online platform that is quite similar and better in many aspects than Yelp. It has multiple categories with local businesses and a lot of importance is given to reviews that are again grouped in different networks.

Revaalo works with the idea that users trust trusted reviews and not the fake ones. It is certainly a Yelp equivalent in India that has understood the importance of genuine reviews and how it has affected the buying decisions of users on board.

As the main strategy of Yelp is creating communities and they started on a small scale and grown up big over the years. Similarly, the Yelp equivalent sites in India are also focussing on fetching genuine reviews, letting their users explore the portal based on trusted reviews and they are progressing at a faster pace in recent times. Thus, we can say that Yelp equivalent certainly exists in India. In fact, it is growing and building in India.


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