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Google Webmaster

If you have created a website or just discovered the Google Webmaster Tools then it would be most excellent if you learn how to use it. Long-term success in any search engine relies only on organic SEO techniques and also following Google Webmaster Guidelines. Google Webmaster Tools provide better control how Google interacts with websites and gives useful information about them.
Every webmaster should allow Google Webmaster to identify existing issues or problems that may reduce site performance; it also indicates sites performance in Google’s search engine. Always use Google Webmaster tools to improve the crawling and indexing of the site.
Here we have framed some of Google Webmaster Tools for you.

  • When Google view your Website? Google Webmaster provides data how Google machine crawl, index and rank any website.
  • Site search; Google Webmaster provides information how many times and with what keyword your site is searched in the search engine.
  • Who Links to your site? Google Webmaster provided Data will show you when Google detects and catalogs who is linking to your website and its various pages.
  • Immediate Site Changes announcement. When you submit your sitemaps, feeds and mobile content information to Google Webmaster tool than you can see how many pages indexed in Google.
  • Malware Alerts. Google will notify you of any doubtful nasty software or code that may be on your site.
  • Suggest rectifying HTML error. After Google machine go through your site, you will get html suggestions under the Diagnostics division of the Google Webmaster tool. This act avoids duplication of site pages and title.

To start Google Webmaster you just have to sign up for its tools and then insert your website, if you already got Google account than you got right to use all these tools already. Then verify that you own the site; simplest way to achieve you just have to upload a html file to your server or to link Google Analytic s account with your Google Webmaster tools.

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