Best SEO Expert in Hyderabad, India

Best SEO Expert in Hyderabad

Hi, I am Suresh Bursu a Consultant, SEM, SMM and SEO expert in Hyderabad, India 

with 2+ hands-on experience.

Actually, I cannot call myself an SEO expert because SEO is a field that gets regularly changed/updated so there is no chance of calling anyone as an SEO expert according to me.


And also I am the Best SEM, SMM and SEO Trainer in Hyderabad, India.


Why am I an SEO expert in Hyderabad

Yes, I am an SEO expert in Hyderabad, India because I have updated to date knowledge in SEO and I have implemented many SEO strategies that no SEO guru have implemented and achieved organic rankings very quickly for the targeted keywords.


Proof that I am an SEO specialist in Hyderabad

These projects are the proof that tells I am an SEO specialist in Hyderabad


Digital signature Hyderabad

Dsc Hyderabad

digital signature certificate providers in Hyderabad



Schaumburg taxi service

Elk Grove village taxi

Desplaines taxi

Palatine taxi

Many more projects and much more results…


My SEO work process

1.First, we will send the questionnaire to the client in that we will be knowing the market of the client that where he is providing service or what type of product he is selling and who are his competitors traditionally.

2.We will conduct an Audit of the website (checking the health of a website). In that Audit report, we can fix errors if there are any like 301 redirects, 404 errors and website speed etc.,

3.Then we will do keyword research from different resources like google keyword planner, Ubbersuggest, SEMrush and we will know what keywords your competitors are driving business and pick some high valued keywords.

4.Then we will optimize the website On-page by developing keyword-centric content which is better than your competitors.

5.The last step is off-page optimization which is mainly referred to link building. This mainly refers to votes from kinds of websites to get onto the front page of google.

5.Reporting, based on that report we will plan and execute new strategies and techniques.


Actually what is SEO, who needs SEO businesses or individuals, benefits of SEO over other digital marketing modules.